Three Exits

Is that an angel in the lower right corner of this snapshot, keeping watch?

Rooftop Pool Deck at the Viridian

Rooftop Pool Deck at the Viridian showing secure fencing on two sides, but NO guardrails on the south end of the Pool deck with drop-offs of either 225' or 350'.

Potential HAZARDS: open-sided walking surfaces, no guardrail

Are there no known codes for guards (fences) for these walking surfaces and landings, are known codes being flagrantly ignored, or do codes need to be undated for walkways and platforms for rooftop pool decks and balconies? The Titanic had 4 more lifeboats than was required by the Merchant Shipping Act of 1894, but only enough for 33% of her crew and passengers!


How many people, kids in particular, while playing at the south end of the pool deck, may/will go over the unprotected walkways/walking surfaces and landings at the top of the recreational steps (kite surfing/selfie platform/landing) before the Viridian Board takes preventive action and puts adequate barriers in place to restrict access to the walkways/walking surfaces and the landings at the top of the wall (1) with a 350' drop to the alley below with a landing speed of about 100 MPH, or (2) a 225' drop to condo balconies on the 10th floor with a landing speed of about 65 MPH, and (3) barriers around the steps with a 10' drop to the emergency stairs downward?  Next time you are in the lobby of the Viridian, take time to listen to the words of "Knockin On Heavens Door" by Guns N Roses which is being played for everyone's listening pleasure.  Should the Viridian Board also play "Knockin on Heavens Door" in the pool deck area near the unprotected 350' drop?????? According to the International Building Code 2000;  Code 1003.2.12 Guards: "Guards shall be located along open-sided walking surfaces, mezzanines, industrial equipment platforms, stairways, ramps and landings which are located more than 30 inches above the floor or grade below."  And Code 1003.2.12.1 Height:  "Guards shall form a protective barrier not less than 42 inches high, measured vertically above the leading edge of the tread, adjacent walking surface or adjacent seatboard."  Is this entire area filled with several attractive nuisances, surrounded by beds of flowers?  Wonder just how many people, kids as young as 3 or 4 years of age in particular, will fall to a tragic death before the Viridian Board feels compelled to put adequate guardrails (fencing) in place at the south end, "Unfenced Southern Border," of the Viridian's rooftop pool deck?

Do these arrows point to attractive nuisances?


What happens if/when kids are playing a game of hide and seek in the flower beds at the southwestern end, or southeastern end, of the pool deck, and one or more of them decides go up the steps, walkways, and walking surfaces, or play on the platforms, and slip over the edge of the wall leading to a 225' drop, or 350' drop? 

Which exit will you take in the confusion of an emergency or unguarded moments of fun?


Does this EXIT sign, at the southeastern end of the pool deck, point toward two ways off the pool deck:  (1) emergency steps down a set of stairs, or (2) steps and walkways (walking surfaces) up to a kite surfing or selfie pad (landings and/or platforms) with a drop-off of hundreds of feet?

Contact anyone who can address this alarming situation!

Unfenced Southern Border at the Viridian Rooftop Pool Deck

If you are willing to join a civil lawsuit in Circuit Court with a summary judgment hearing in the 8th Circuit Court, with a date set for December 13, 2019 at 9:30 AM, get in touch with:  Gerald Grubb, 415 Church Street, Unit 1514, Nashville 37219, express your concerns to the Viridian Board ( or anyone else who can/may address these potentially deadly situations, or start your own ways of showing your concerns regarding these unsettling, disturbing, and potentially deadly situations at this Unfenced Southern Border!  Start your own campaign to update building codes with an accent on SAFETY.  If you have ideas regarding this site and distressing images and realities, my email is: